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ISA State and World Series Information
ISA State Info Update
We have offered a C division and are not getting teams to sign up. There are still several talking about entering but talk does not make a field. If the C does not make we will not merge them into the D class. No team in any class can add players from a higher class. If we get enough we will hold the C and if not, they will be eligible to go to the World Series without playing in the State but all other teams must play in the TN State to play in the Series. Here are some other things that teams need to know.
1. All teams must be at the blind draw on Friday night at Smyrna Volunteer park. Team sign in starts at 6:30 and the actual draw begins at 8:00. All teams must be prepared to play Saturday morning at 8:00am. Entry fees must be turned in to get a game time. Cash, company checks or money orders only.
2. Any team wishing to enter can contact me at 931-703-2019, Josh Henley at 931-703-4430, Jason Campbell at 731-780-5952 or Chris Matthews at 931-624-3611.
3. The ball we are using is the same one we have been selling at our tournaments and you can only use the ISA stamped Tattoo. 44/375 or 44/400. We will have them at the park for sale.
4. There will be no gate fees so bring all the fans you want to.

We are signing up teams until Thursday at 4 pm. Thanks SL

  This message was posted on Sunday, July 09, 2017 at 21:08 Central.

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