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ISA State and World Series Information
ISA State Tournament Information

This has been a very trying year for everyone involved in slow-pitch softball in TN. I have never seen as many tournaments rained out. In ISA we had some difficulty getting our dates and fields established as early as we normally like to. Some fields we normally are able to use were not available this year. We simply did not have as many tournaments as in other years but we are working on that for next year. I have point by point attempted to list things that all teams need to be aware of if you are interested in playing in the TN ISA State Tournament July 14/15 and 16 and getting eligible to play in the ISA World Series in Chattanooga on August 25/26 and 27.They are as follows:
1. All teams from TN or Kentucky who have played ISA this year are eligible to enter the TN ISA State Tournament. To do so you can go to Softballwire or contact me. If you did not get to play in a qualifier you can still play State by sending me your roster. Once your team is approved you will be added to the tournament list. We will be using our team list from last year and only teams we have approved can move down in class. If we did not see your team you will have to play the class you would have been in last year. We reserve the right to move anyone up as we become aware of players that have been added to a team that may make them play higher.
2. You must play in the State to be able to play in the World Series. As stated above it is the last weekend in August. We will have the World Series listed on Softballwire soon.
3. We will have a blind draw at the Smyrna Volunteer Park on Friday July 14th. You must have your team entered on the tournament page by Thursday July 13th at 2:00pm. Your entry fee is due at this time also unless it has been approved by me to bring it to the blind draw. Teams that have played with us this year will draw first at the blind draw to pick their game slot. You must have someone there to pick for your team at the blind draw.
4. We are having two classes of a one pitch tournament at the same park where we are having the blind draw on Friday night starting at 6:30. We are having one class where it is two HR IEO and only E and Rec teams can enter it. We have another class for any who want to sign up with 4 HR IEO. No fouls and we are using a mat. 60.00 To enter and no prizes. Simply for fun and some swings. We are only taking 6 teams in each class as it must be over no later than 1:00 am since the State starts the following morning at 8:00 am.
5. We are offering the following classes: Rec, E, D and C in Mens. Teams from states who do not have C programs are welcome to enter. If we get 12 or more teams in the C class, we will give first and second place paid World Series Berths. In womens, we will do a four game Hi-LO but only the winner of the upper division will receive a paid berth. We must have at least ten ladies teams to give a paid berth.
6. We are using the Smyrna Rec Park at 100 Sam Ridley Parkway, Smyrna Volunteer Park at 8th Avenue and Fieldstone in Franklin at 1648 Hillsboro Road for the State Tournament. Which class is at which field will not be finalized until we get the final numbers. Right now the plan is for the Ladies and Rec to be at Volunteer, D and E at Fieldstone and C at the Rec Park.
7. You can mail entry fees and rosters to Steve Lovvorn, 153 Candlewood Street, Shelbyville TN 37160. You can also email rosters to me at You can call or text me at 931-703-2019. I do have a full time job so do not expect immediate answers to text or calls but I will get back with you. I will keep putting things out to you as we approach the tournament. Thanks SL

  This message was posted on Thursday, July 06, 2017 at 21:35 Central.

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