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ISA State Tournament Update
Here are a few things some seem to have either have forgotten or not aware of. They are in no particular order:
1. We all have full time jobs. Please text or email us questions but we may not be able to answer during the day. It is best for only the coach to try and reach us.
2. We will not be starting on Friday night. Please enter the one pitch if you wish.
3. All teams must be prepared to play Saturday morning as early as 8:00am, not everyone will but it is a true blind draw. We will sign teams in ,collect entry fees and verify additions to rosters starting at 5:30 on Friday and the draw will start at 7:00pm Friday night at the one pitch.
4.We have full time jobs. That is for the ones who keep getting our voice mails.
5.There seems to be teams that think they can add players to their team from higher classes. You can but when you get protested you will lose. The add one player from a higher class ended when we put the class list out and assigned your team to it. We classed any new teams after we saw them play and by their rosters after the May list was published. There are a few upper teams who for one reason or another are not playing and the only teams that can pick them up are other upper teams. Same for all the other classes. If you pick up anyone from a higher class you are illegal. You can add players from teams not playing in your class or any of the lower divisions if they are available.IT IS THE TEAM AND COACHES RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHERE YOUR PLAYERS ARE ASSIGNED.
6.The entry fee is 275.00 which is 25 more than last year but we did away with all gate fee's and most teams are lots better off not having to pay for families to come and enjoy the tournament.
7.The only ball that is usable is the Tattoo with the T on it. 44/375 with ISA stamp. We will have plenty at 5 each or 55 per dozen.
8. The uniform rule is we recommend same base color shirt with non duplicated numbers. The only penalty for not meeting the recommendation is you will be the visiting team if your opponent meets the recommendation. If neither or both have it then the umpires will do the coin toss.
9. There will be no warmups on the field. Be ready to play when the dugout clears and the umpire calls play ball. There is a one hour and 15 minute time limit for all classes except upper and it is 1:30.Game time is game time .
10. One more time we have full time jobs. Please be patient and we will try to return all messages. If we miss you and you have not heard from us by 9 at night please call one of us then.

Thanks Steve Lovvorn and Scott Demonbreum
  This message was posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 22:04 Central.

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