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34th Annual Jim Beam Classic
34th Annual Jim Beam Classic - Memorial Day Weekend Home Run Derby

Bronze. Lower Silver. Upper. Silver. Women. Coed

Tournament starts on Friday Night

entry fee is $230.00 plus $35.00 if the team needs to be sanctioned.Friday, May 27 - Sunday, May 29, 2016Register By Monday, May 23, 2016

Silver. Cane Ridge
Coed. Cane Ridge
Women. Cedar Hill
Bronze. Cedar Hill Park
860 W. Old Hickory Blvd
Madison, Tennessee

Rules. NSA Rules

Balls. 52/275

Awarda. 1st - Rings; Case Of Jim Beam; Best Defense; Best Offense; Trophy; All Tournament; 2nd. Batting Gloves; Trophy, All Tournament; 3rd Bag Towels; Trophy, All TournamentsOther

Email or text - 615-337-4129 or 615-430-7755 or 931-510-8550 to enter

  This message was posted on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 19:52 Central.

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